I was reading an article today in which the author was making the case that Mark wrote his Gospel based on the testimony of Peter.  To demonstrate an association between the two he quoted 1 Peter 5:13: “The church in Babylon, chosen together with you, greets you, and so does Mark, my son.”  Mark, it was claimed, is John Mark—cousin of Barnabas, one-time traveling companion of Paul, and author of the Gospel according to Mark.  While this may be true given Paul’s use of “my son” to refer to close non-relatives in the faith (1 Tim 1:2; 2 Tim 2:1; Tit 1:4; Phm 10), why not be open to the possibility that “Mark” refers to Peter’s actual blood son, and not John Mark the author of the canonical gospel?

This got me thinking.  Most, if not all of Jesus’ apostles had children, and yet I have never heard of any historical information about their identities or their deeds.  Did they follow in the footsteps of their fathers as preachers of the Gospel?  Did any backslide?  Is anyone aware of anything in the historical record?