Is Atheism Simply a Lack of Belief in GodThere’s a concerted effort by a lot of atheists to redefine “atheist” from the metaphysical claim that God does not exist to a personal claim about one’s psychological state, namely that they lack a belief in God. It’s a strategic move to remove any burden of proof for their position (God does not exist). This redefinition has some interesting implications:

  1. Atheism and theism could both be true at the same time.
  2. Atheism is just an autobiographical assessment and tells us nothing meaningful about whether God exists or not.
  3. Atheism cannot be true or false.
  4. People who have evidence to believe in God are atheists.
  5. Babies and cats also qualify as atheists.

Lacking a belief in God makes one an agnostic, not an atheist. Besides, while most of these atheists lack belief in God, they do not lack beliefs about God. They think he (probably) doesn’t exist, and that belief must be justified.