Genderless toiletsThe fight over bathrooms continues.  While in the recent past this has resulted in the addition of a third bathroom option (gender-neutral) or requiring people to allow anyone to use the bathroom of their choice, Cooper Union in New York has removed signs from bathrooms that designate them as male or female.  Now, everyone can use the bathroom of their choice.  Co-ed bathrooms.  Ironically, the dorms are still gender segregated.

Bill Mea, president of the college, “When people see someone who they think doesn’t belong there [in their gendered bathroom], it can create stress for everyone. So we thought, let’s just take that away.”  Right.  Once again, let’s do away with the reality of biology so that we don’t hurt anyone’s feelings.  I could agree to a law that says someone who has undergone a sex-change operation should be able to use the bathroom of their “new sex,” but just allowing anyone to use whatever bathroom they want because of how they feel about their gender is a recipe for disaster.  Why isn’t Bill Mea concerned about the feelings, well-being, and safety of the women in those bathrooms?  Why isn’t he considering how they feel when a man enters the facilities they are using?  Why are we ignoring the concerns and feelings of the majority to accommodate the feelings of a tiny minority of individuals who are confused about their gender?  Such is liberalism.  It’s about feelings, not thought.