ASSEMBLYFirst Britain, now France.  France has allowed civil unions that confer many of the benefits of marriage since 1999.  Today, France’s National Assembly – its lower house of parliament – approved a bill (329-229) that would define marriage as contract between two people regardless of their sex, and allow same-sex couples to adopt children.  Now it goes to the Senate, where it is expected to pass as well.  If it does, France will become the 12th country to legalize same-sex marriage following:

  1. The Netherlands (2000)
  2. Belgium (2003)
  3. Spain (2005)
  4. Canada (2005)
  5. South Africa (2006)
  6. Norway (2009)
  7. Sweden (2009)
  8. Portugal (2010)
  9. Iceland (2010)
  10. Argentina (2010)
  11. Denmark (2011)

Mexico also allows same-sex marriage in some areas (Mexico City, the state of Quintana Roo).  And here in the United States, same-sex marriage is legal in eight states (Connecticut, Iowa, Maryland, Maine, New Hampshire, New York, Vermont, Washington) and the District of Columbia.

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