In the past I have recommended that you check out It is a great apologetics resource, containing articles and mp3s of all the best apologists. You can subscribe to a monthly email letter that will highlight a particular “bethinking characteristic,” as well as let you know what’s new on the site. This month’s email highlighted humility, explaining both what it is and what it is not. It is worth repeating here:

“Humble : bethinkers know that our understanding of some truths is fallible, and will not press a point beyond what the evidence allows.”

Being less sure doesn’t make you humble. That’s just a plain fact. In the past, humility was the opposite of pride. But now it has become the opposite of conviction. Being sure of something is now often considered a character flaw. There three basic reactions to being challenged. Reaction one is to turn the volume up. For example Fundamentalists seemed to have more “certainties” than they could every justify from Scripture. The next reaction is to turn the volume right down. This might seem humble, however, the danger might be that we overreact with equally arrogant assertions of uncertainty when God has clearly spoken. The third and final reaction is to turn the volume to a level so that you can actually hear the conversation or challenge and interact with it, but while you still keep the music on.

In the wake of all of this we should ponder carefully this question – Do we have the humility to doubt ourselves while having the courage to witness to the truth as it has been revealed?