A disgusting news story broke recently about a man in Austria who began raping his daughter at age 11, then locked her in the cellar beneath his house at the age of 18 (faking a letter from her saying she ran away to join a religious cult), holding her there for 24 years filled with more sexual abuse, fathering seven children with her in the process. He raised three of those children with his unsuspecting wife, one died, and the other three were raised in the cellar with their mother, never seeing the light of day.

This moral monster was finally caught. And what is he facing as punishment? 15 puny years in prison! That is the max he can get under Austrian law. Personally, I am outraged and sickened over this! How can a man who sexually abuses his own daughter for more than three decades, imprisons her and three of his incestuous children, only get 15 years for this crime? Is that the price of his crimes? What a cheapening of human value. At the very least he should have to spend as many years in jail as his daughter faced in the jail of his cellar. Unbelievable!

I guess this goes to show why divine justice is required. Human justice is imperfect. In this case, however, it is glaringly imperfect.