Over the past 60 years, the branch of science known as cosmology (studies the history of the universe) has become infested with scientists who engage in metaphysical speculations masquerading as real science.  There’s been everything from Fred Hoyle’s Steady State universe, to the modern multiverse theory.  But few theories have been as speculative and bizarre as Max Tegmark’s.  According to Tegmark, the universe is just math.  In fact, every mathematical “structure” is its own separate universe.  Math is all that really exists.  In his words, “I have this sort of crazy-sounding idea that the reason why mathematics is so effective at describing reality is that it is reality. That is the mathematical universe hypothesis: Mathematical things actually exist, and they are actually physical reality.”  No Max, it doesn’t just sound crazy-it is crazy!  Read the whole piece.

What I find disheartening is that many in the public, because they think scientists only believe that which has been empirically proven, might mistake this bologna for real scientific knowledge.  Sorry folks, not only are scientists biased, but their conclusions often reflect certain philosophical presuppositions and speculations as well.