When man was created he was naked.  Once he sinned he recognized that he was naked, and felt shame.  That began the clothing industry.  The first designer was not DKNY, but YHWH.  Several others have attempted their hand at the design business since YHWH created his first “fall” line (pun intended), but frankly, I’m not so sure YHWH approves of their designs.

We live in a culture that is clothing less and less of their bodies.  Think of the bikini.  Girls wear bikinis like it’s no big deal, but a bikini is nothing more than underwear worn in public (if a bikini is not immodest, then there is no such thing as immodest clothing!).  It’s a little piece of cloth that barely covers the private parts of her body.  Indeed, in many parts of Europe it is acceptable for a woman to only wear one piece of a two-piece bikini!  How is it that our private parts have become public parts?  How have we allowed our bodies to become a spectacle for all to see?

Do you think it could be that the public display of nudity is man’s attempt to act like the Fall never took place?  Are we trying to get back to Eden while ignoring the very condition that expelled us from that paradise?  What happened to our sense of modesty and shame?  There should be a sense of shame when exposing our bodies in public, and yet that feeling of shame seems to be dissipating in our culture.

Is it to be explained by man’s lustful nature?  After all, it’s usually men who design these skimpy clothes for women to wear (then again, many of these men are gay, so I’m not sure what they stand to gain)!  Is it to be explained by low self-esteem, in which a woman will use her body to attract a man so he can provide her with the love she never received from her father?  How do we explain it, and what do we do about it?  Is there any way to reverse the trend?

Post Script.  I came across this quote in my library of quotes that is quite fitting for this post: “It is becoming increasingly difficult to judge a woman by her clothes.  Too often,  there just isn’t enough evidence on which to form an opinion.”–E.C. McKenzie