One of the regular visitors/commentators on this blog made me aware of a video on YouTube titled “You can’t prove God doesn’t exist (lies Christians tell #4), featuring a couple of quotes from yours truly.  The video is posted below, followed by my response.

“This is Jason Dulle, who was quoted at the beginning and middle of the video.  I asked to hear evidence for why God cannot, or does not exist.  Nowhere did I say one cannot prove that God exists, so how did my quote contribute to the point of your video?

“Ah, but you say I did.  You quote me as saying ‘That is difficult for atheists because it is impossible to prove a universal negative.’  But you cut off my statement mid sentence, for I go on to say ‘unless it is self-referentially contradictory (like a square circle). But there is nothing about the notion of a divine transcendent being that is internally incoherent or self-contradictory. So you are only left with giving reasons to think a divine being probably doesn’t exist.’  You conveniently left off that part because it would contradict the point you wanted to make.  I don’t doubt that some Christians argue the way you suggest, but quoting me as being one of them is disingenuous for I made the very opposite point.

“Furthermore, I find it interesting that the title of your video says the claim ‘You cannot prove God doesn’t exist’ is a lie that Christians tell, and yet you state that one cannot disprove the existence of God!  Apparently, it’s not a lie, then.  Ironically, as a theist I believe it is possible to disprove the existence of God.  One cannot do so empirically (a posteriori), but they can do so philosophically (a priori) if they can show that the very concept of God is incoherent.  You seem to recognize this, which is why you flashed the argument from evil on the screen.  So why would you say it is impossible to disprove the existence of God?

“Furthermore, no Christian philosopher would say that because God’s existence cannot be disproved, therefore God exists.  But of course they would say that it is possible that he does.  But this is nothing more than the claim that anything which can possibly exist, may in fact exist.  It doesn’t mean it’s evidence for God’s existence.

“You also said one cannot disprove the existence of any particular thing.  This is false.  One can disprove the existence of a square circle, because the concept itself is rationally incoherent.  One can disprove the existence of the rationally incoherent a priori.  You seem to confuse empirical proof with a priori philosophical proof.

“Finally, to say there is no evidence for God’s existence is simply incorrect.  There is plenty of rational evidence for God’s existence.  Are you not familiar with the long tradition of natural theology: cosmological arguments, teleological arguments, moral argument, etc.?”