Recently, there was some discussion of the historicity of Adam and Eve in the comments section of another post, so I thought I would start a separate post on the issue and refer readers to a short post by James Anderson who summarizes some of the key Biblical reasons to think Adam and Eve were real historical figures, and the parents of the whole human race.

I will offer what I think is a compelling theological reason for thinking Adam and Eve was the original pair of humans as well.  If there was more than one pair of original humans, then humans would have fallen into sin at different times.  Indeed, there could have been two different spiritual lineages of humans living side-by-side: those who had not sinned, those that sinned.  This contradicts passages like Romans 5 which indicates that all humanity sinned in Adam.

For those who might be willing to concede that Adam and Eve were historical figures but deny that they were the only two humans God created in the beginning, consider this: Jesus is the last Adam who came to undo the effects of the first Adam’s sin (Romans 5).  That means Jesus’ redemption only applies to the offspring of Adam.  Any humans who might exist today that are not descended from Adam and Eve could not be redeemed.

If you reject the historicity of Adam and Eve, I would be interested to know what Biblical and rational arguments you might have for this, as well as your thoughts on the Biblical arguments provided by Anderson.