Here’s another example of liberal “tolerance” at its best.  Apple has been “forced” to remove an app created by Exodus International that is intended to help people with a homosexual orientation overcome that orientation.  How did this happen?  A small pro-homosexual crowd expressed their displeasure with having an application available with such content.  And presto…Apple buckles and removes it.

According to Apple they removed it “because it violates the developer guidelines by being offensive to large groups of people.”  Do they really consider 146,000 people a large group?  What would they do if 1,000,000 people signed a petition saying they find the removal of the app offensive?  Would they put it back up again?  I doubt it.  What if 1,000,000 people signed a petition to remove an app promoting Christianity because they found it offensive?  Would Apple remove it?  It’s sad that our culture has become so sensitive to “offending” anyone that we will buckle at the first sign of opposition (forget the fact that many people find such a response offensive).

Where’s the tolerance that the pro-homosexual crowd touts so much?  After all, who do they think is going to download this app?  Wouldn’t it be people who want to change their sexual orientation?  So why not give them the freedom to explore that option?  Why does everyone else’s freedom to download the apps they want have to be limited just because some members of the pro-gay community can’t seem to tolerate the existence of negative messages about their lifestyle?