A few weeks ago I finished Paul Copan’s book “How Do You Know You’re Not Wrong?”: Responding to Objections that Leave Christians Speechless. This is a very good lay-level approach to dealing with common challenges to the Christian worldview.  He presents solid arguments against skepticism, pragmatism, naturalism (arguing that immaterial realities exist), scientism/empiricism (beliefs must be backed up by science), and reductive materialism of the mind (with a whole chapter on the mind-brain interaction problem).

Copan also tackles a subject most apologists never touch on: animals and the charge of speciesism.  He addresses the Biblical view of animals, our responsibility to care for them, and yet concludes that ultimately the animal rights/liberation movement is wrong.

The last 1/3 of the book deals primarily with moral complaints against the Bible (Abraham’s sacrifice of Isaac, OT laws are harsh and oppressive, it’s unfair that we have to pay for Adam’s sin), but he also spends a couple of chapters discussing why certain books did not make it into the NT canon.

Each chapter is clearly laid out, each argument is numbered to help you easily and quickly identify the main points, and a summary is included at the end of each chapter to provide a quick recap. I would recommend this book for its clarity, breadth of topics, and cogent arguments.