In my opinion, abortion is the greatest moral issue of our day.  Nothing is more unjust than depriving innocent human beings of their God-given, inalienable right to life simply because we are inconvenienced by them.  For that reason, the issue of abortion figures prominently in my political affiliations and the way I vote.  While I am not a one-issue voter, and while I do not think it is always wrong to vote for a pro-choice political candidate (there are some political offices for which one’s personal views on abortion are irrelevant on a practical level), I will almost always vote for the pro-life candidate even if I have fundamental disagreements with him on other matters.  It’s not that I think economic issues do not matter, or that foreign policy does not matter, but that I think the moral injustice of abortion is much more important than these others. 

That is why I was disheartened to read the results of two polls which sought to determine what voters think the most important issues are when choosing the candidates they will give their vote to.  

A January New York Times and CBS poll asked people, “In deciding who you would like to see elected President this year, which one of the following issues will be most important to you:

1. Abortion, or
2. The federal budget deficit, or
3. The economy, or
4. Health care, or
5. Illegal immigration, or
6. Something else?” 

The results?

Issue                                        % who think this issue is most important

Economy                                 56%
Federal budget deficit         15%
Health care                            14%
Something else                      6%
Illegal immigration             5%
Abortion                                  3%
DK/NA                                     2%

That’s right!  Only 3% of those polled considered abortion to be the most important issue.  More than half considered making more money more important than saving over 1.2 million babies from being hacked to death each year in this country.  Five times as many people considered getting the country out of debt more important than saving babies’ lives.  Combined, seven out of ten people consider economic issues as more important than the greatest moral travesty of our day. 

Those who consider abortion to be the most important issue when electing the President barely beat out those who don’t know what the most important issue is.  This is not good.  This reveals that people’s moral senses are clouded, that we prioritize money over morality, or that we have decided that this is not a fight worth engaging in anymore (ignorant of the fact that pro-life legislation has been passing in record numbers on the state level, and that it is possible to reverse the abortion policy on the federal level).

ABC conducted an exit poll in the 2010 congressional elections.  They, too, found that a person’s views on abortion made no real difference in their selection of political candidates. 

View on abortion                                 Voted Democrat          Voted Republican

Legal in all cases – 19%                            51%                                      49%
Legal in most cases – 23%                       45%                                       55%
Illegal in most cases – 25%                      46%                                      54%
Illegal in all cases – 28%                          50%                                      50% 

Why would half of all people who think abortion should be legal in all cases vote for a Republican who believes that abortion should be illegal in all or most cases?  Why would half of all people who think abortion should be illegal in all cases vote for a Democrat who believes that abortion should be legal in all or most cases?  The only thing that can explain such behavior is that these people do not consider abortion to be determinative when it comes to choosing political candidates.  The issue of abortion takes a back seat to other issues the voter considers to be more important. 

I do not mean to offend my Democratic, personally pro-life readers out there, but I cannot understand this kind of thinking.  It seems morally and politically confused to me.  Are there any pro-life, pro-Democrats out there who would like to explain and defend their thinking on this one?  How can you vote for candidates who subscribe to a political platform that is so diametrically opposed to your moral values?  How can you support a party that is committed to keeping the practice of killing unborn children legal without any restrictions, and wants you and I to pay for them with our tax dollars?  How can you support a party that supports a view of marriage that you believe to be false?  How can you support a party that takes the reference to God out of their platform, and then boos when it is reinserted after a political backlash?  The Democratic party has no room for your God, and opposes your moral values.  So why do you vote for them? 


HT: Jivin Jehoshaphat