WaldoMany atheists employ the concept of divine hiddenness to argue against God’s existence.  If God exists, they argue, why is His existence not more obvious?

I have blogged on this issue previously (here and here), so I won’t rehearse the arguments again.  Instead, I’ll simply assert that I do not accept the claim that God’s’ existence is not obvious enough.  I think there is good evidence for God’s existence, and that God only appears to be hidden because we have not looked for Him with an open mind and heart.

I suggest that Knowledge of God’s existence is similar to looking at a “Where’s Waldo?” picture.  Waldo’s image is not hidden, but in plain sight for all to see.  And yet, not everyone sees him.  Some do not see him because they never try.  Others do not find him because they give up after only searching for a few moments.  But if one truly wants to find Waldo, and diligently seeks after him, they will find him.  And once they do, his presence on the page will be obvious at every subsequent viewing.

wheres god-waldo

In a similar fashion, God is always in plain sight.  He has not hidden Himself.  He has revealed Himself through the general revelation of creation and conscience, and the specific revelation of Jesus Christ and the Bible.  While His existence may not be obvious to us at first glace, He can be found if we look for Him.  And yet we don’t always see Him because we aren’t always looking for Him – often because we don’t want to find Him.  But if we set ourselves to the task, He will be found, and when He is, His presence will become obvious and we’ll wonder how we failed to see Him so many times before.