Part of what makes a blog worth the effort is the dialogue it can open up between people of opposing views.  So I encourage people who disagree with me to express their disagreement in the comments section.  However, I have some basic expectations for commenters:

1. The comments should be related to the post.

2. The disagreement should address the specific arguments made in the post in a point and counter-point fashion.

3. All dialogue should be congenial. Let’s stick to critiquing ideas instead of each other.

4. Minimal profanity.

Going forward, any comments that do not meet these criteria will be deleted.  If I have to consistently delete your comments, you will be banned from the site.  I trust that you will find my request reasonable and do your due diligence to abide by these basic guidelines.  It will make everyone’s experience here much more enjoyable and productive.

Thank you!