Gay not choiceThe cultural acceptance of homosexuality as morally benign or morally good has happened at an alarming speed.  While there is a complex of reasons for the shift, one of the most influential is the meme that being gay is not a choice.  Admittedly, for most people who engage in homosex, this is true.  Their same-sex attractions are not chosen.  They come naturally to them, just as opposite-sex attractions come to naturally to a heterosexual.  What is chosen is whether or not the person who experiences same-sex attraction acts on those desires to actually engage in homosex.

The “gay is not a choice” meme has been so important for the acceptance of gay rights that when Sex in the City star, Cynthia Nixon, stated publicly that she simply chooses to be in a lesbian relationship, the gay community was in an uproar.  They feared that her comments would negatively affect their fight for civil rights.

Now that the “gay is not a choice” meme has brought general acceptance of homosexuality as morally benign/good, I predict that it won’t be long before Cynthia Nixon’s message will be embraced by the gay community.  Soon, the rallying cry will be reversed to “gay is a choice.”  Think about it.  To say “gay is not a choice” implies that no one would want to be gay.  It portrays same-sex attraction as an aberration that no one would choose willingly, and the gay man or woman as a victim to those aberrant attractions.  That does not accurately reflect the gay community’s own self-perception.  For them, being gay is not an aberration that should only be accepted because one has no other choice, but a good sexual lifestyle to be celebrated in and of itself.  If being gay is a good thing, why wouldn’t someone want to choose to be homosexual?  Homosexuality will be celebrated, not only as a choice, but as a good choice that even heterosexuals ought to give a try.  So don’t be surprised when the homosexuality marketing message shifts from “Accept us as we are because we did not choose to be this way” to “Join us. Homosexuality is great!”