Gender Identity ConfusionWe hear more and more about gender identity confusion these days.  Gender identity confusion is when a person thinks s/he is the gender opposite of their biology: a man who believes he is a female trapped in a man’s body, or a woman who believes she is a male trapped in a woman’s body.  Rather than considering this as a mental disorder in need treatment, however, today’s proffered solution is to perform a sex-change operation so that one’s body will match their perceived gender.  I am persuaded that this solution to the problem is wrong-headed.

Gender is not a social construct, nor a personal choice.  A person’s gender is determined by their biology.  If one believes that their gender is opposite their biology, s/he believes something to be true about himself or herself that is contrary to reality.  The body clearly reveals their gender.  Greg Koukl asks a pertinent question to illustrate this point: What would you say to someone who told you they were really a rabbit, but trapped in a human’s body?  We would think this person is seriously confused, and in need of psychiatric treatment.  Why?  Because species is determined by one’s biology, not their mind.  So why think gender is any different?  Both cases involve someone thinking that they are someone other than what their biology indicates they are.  The problem is mental, not physical.  The individual suffering from gender identity disorder is incapable of seeing himself or herself according to what s/he is in biological reality.

When forced to decide between the objective and the subjective, we should go with the objective.  Biology is objective, whereas one’s gender perception is subjective.  When there is a conflict between the two, we should look to the objective to tell us what is real.  Given the objectivity of physical reality, it strikes me as ludicrous to locate the problem with the body rather than the mind!  Instead of chemically manipulating and surgically mutilating a perfectly good body to bring it into conformity with one’s mental perception of their gender, we should work on changing one’s mind to bring it into conformity with physical reality.

At least that’s the way I see it!