discipleship2Jesus said we are to make “disciples” — not just believers (Mt 28:19). For Jesus, making disciples involves more than baptism (conversion); it involves teaching them as well. Spiritual development requires knowledge, not just an experience.

To be discipled is to be taught. Jesus taught His disciples for 3+ years. Apparently, there is a lot to know to do the work of God and be the kind of Christian Jesus wants us to be! And yet today, most churches stop training Christians after a simple Bible study. Christians are not taught theology from the pulpit, but merely encouraged to keep the faith week after week.

Indeed, some saints don’t want to learn theology. They just want the “simple Gospel”; That’s enough for them. What they really have is a truncated Christianity, and this results in a worldview that is less than fully Christian. We cannot be as effective as we need to be without pursuing the whole counsel of God.

With the attitude I see among so many Christians today regarding theological growth, I’m convinced that if Jesus were alive today, and called us to be His disciples, most Christians would drop out of the program after just a few weeks because they “already learned all they need to know.” Let’s get back to real discipleship. Theological teaching must be at the core of what we do.