best-beardMen and women were created differently.  The God-given distinction between the two genders should be not be blurred, but preserved and celebrated.  That’s why I am opposed to men shaving their facial hair.  Facial hair is the only natural, publically visible, God-given distinction between the sexes.  While men can grow their hair long and women can cut their hair short, and while men can dress effeminate and women can dress masculine, only men can grow facial hair.  It is the unique differentiator between men and women, and thus should be preserved.

Facial hair is part of God’s creative design.  And since the ability to grow facial hair is unique to the male gender, it seems obvious that God provided facial hair to men as a distinguishing feature of their gender.  If God did not want men to have facial hair, why would He have included it in our design?  What makes us think that have the liberty to artificially remove this God-given gender distinction?  For a man to shave his face is to say to the Creator, “You did not make me right.  This hair on my face was a mistake.”  When a man shaves his face, He is violating God’s creative intent and attempting to erase a unique stamp of his masculinity afforded to him by God. 

Why would a man want to shave his facial hair other than to feminize himself?  To shave one’s face is an attempt to mimic the softness of the female face.  What a shame that Christian men would rather look like a woman than the man that God made them.  Given this tendency toward self-feminization, how long will it be before men will start dressing more like women and growing long locks of hair?  It’s time for us Christian men to man up and quit acting like girly men.  It’s time for us to grow out our facial hear!

I propose that pastors everywhere issue a standard of holiness that all Christian men in their congregations must grow a beard.  They will no longer be allowed to shave their faces clean.  This is particularly the case for those men who wish to be involved in ministry.  It is not appropriate for ministers to be clean shaven.  They need to set an example of masculinity.  If a man is clean shaven – in rebellion against nature and nature’s God – then he should be prohibited from serving in the ministry.

Surprised?  You should be.  I don’t really believe what I just said.  Well, not entirely anyway.  I do not believe a man is required to grow a beard, but I do believe the arguments in favor of facial hair are more sound than any argument I have heard against it.  For those of you who think it is wrong for a man to grow facial hair, how would you respond to the argument I presented above?  What are your reasons for thinking men must be clean-shaven?