Apathy-I-dont-careOne of the most frustrating experiences is trying to talk to someone about God that is apathetic concerning His existence.  They are not interested in your arguments or your experience.  They are not interested in the topic, or claim it has no relevance to their life.  How do you advance the conversation when confronted with a game-stopping attitude like apathy?  I don’t think there is any one tactic for stirring someone out of their apathy (it will differ from person to person), but here are some probing questions that may help:

  • “Why don’t you care if God exists?”
  • “While you may not care to know if God exists, would you agree with me that if God exists, it could make a difference in your life?”
  • “Do you think God’s existence is relevant to your life?”
  • “If you had a choice, would you prefer that a being like God existed or that He didn’t?”
  • “Could your disinterest in the question of God’s existence be due to a fear that if you discover God does exist, you will have to make some changes in your life?”
  • “If you do not have an interest in God, what do you think about the ultimate questions in life?  Where do we come from?  What is our purpose?  What’s wrong with the world?  What is our ultimate destiny?”
  • “So you are saying that if there is someone who brought everything into being, including you, that you have no interest in knowing anything about this person?  That would be like an orphan who is not interested to know if he has parents, or who they are.”

Perhaps you have some additional responses you could share.  If so, please do so in the comments.