Country music star and confessing Christian, Carrie Underwood, has voiced her support for homosexuality and same-sex marriage in the past.  Now, her pastor – Stan Mitchell of GracePoint Church in Franklin, Tennessee – has followed suit.[1]  He announced to his church that

Full privileges are extended now to you [practicing homosexuals] with the same expectations of faithfulness, sobriety, holiness, wholeness, fidelity, godliness, skill and willingness. That is expected of all. Full membership means being able to serve in leadership and give all of your gifts and to receive all the sacraments; not only communion and baptism, but child dedication and marriage.

What?  Expectations of holiness and godliness?  How can they be holy and godly when they are engaging in sexual behavior that the Bible condemns as abominable?  That’s like telling adulterers in the congregation that their behavior is fine so long as they have sex outside of marriage in holiness and godliness.  Their behavior is the opposite of holiness. 

Why the change?  Was it a new understanding of God’s Word?  No, it was feelings-motivated:

We were thrust, I believe, by a divine wind, into a prayerful, painful, invigorating, careful and hopeful conversation regarding sexual orientation and gender identity. My soul has been stretched to the point that if I do not say what I say today, I cannot be here any longer. I have felt this way for many, many years. … I am not sure I am right but I am sure I sense the presence of God, and I know I’m doing my best.”

Sorry, but the question of what is moral and what is not cannot be decided by prayer or conversation when the verdict has already been declared in God’s Word. Notice his choice of words. He has “felt” this way for many years. Those who acquiesce to the new cultural acceptance of homosexuality are not doing so because the Scripture compels them to, but because they are feeling with their head and thinking with their hearts. One can be compassionate towards homosexuals and those who are same-sex-attracted without denying the immoral nature of such behavior (in the same way one can be compassionate toward the drug user without affirming his drug use). Feelings do not determine truth. Neither does sensing the presence of God. The truth of God is contained in the revelation of God: the Bible. The Word of God must take precedence in our moral thinking.


[1]Jennifer LeClaire, “Megachurch Pastor Prayerfully Allows Gays Into Leadership”; available from; Internet; accessed 17 February 2015.