refugeesA lot of Christians are arguing that our Christian principles, based in Scripture, demand that we welcome the Syrian refugees. This article shows why this is a hasty conclusion regarding the teaching of Scripture.

Surely the Scripture does not mean to say we should allow foreigners to come into our nation who intend to kill us (as if the Israelites would have let the Philistines or Babylonians into Jerusalem!).  And surely those who argue that Scripture demands we accept the Syrian refugees would not cite those same passages if they knew members of ISIS or Al Qaeda were among them, but could not be identified.  But here’s the thing: We know from the experience in France that terrorists are coming in with the refugees undetected, and people have been murdered as a result.  Until and unless we can properly vet these refugees to determine who is a possible terrorist and who is not, how can any reasonable person say we should just let them into our country?  It only takes a few terrorists to produce mass killing.  9/11 and the French attacks are proof of this.

Let me say this as strongly as I can: If you support bringing these refugees into our country without being properly vetted first and knowing the risks involved, and there are terrorists among them who end up killing Americans, then you share part of the moral blame for your fellow citizens’ deaths.  A person who invites a destitute soul into their home is a kind person, but a person who invites someone into their home when there is reason to think they could be a murderer, is not a kind person but a fool.  And if that individual turns out to be a murderer who does, in fact, kill their family, the individual who invited the person into their home is morally blameworthy.

The same is true on a national level.  This country is our shared home, and when you support bringing a group of people into this nation that are known by experience to include small amounts of terrorists, you are a fool.  Is it fair to the actual destitute seeking entry into this country to deny them entrance simply because of the few among them who are using this as an opportunity to terrorize our country?  Absolutely not!  But neither is it fair to our citizens to let terrorists into our country whose sole purpose is to kill us.  In our attempt to be compassionate to the destitute, we are failing to be compassionate to those who are already here and citizens of this great country by unnecessarily risking their lives.  Compassion is a great virtue, but not when it is exercised without wisdom.  I am all for legal immigration, and I am all for accepting refugees, but we need to be wise in how we approach both.