GSAWords matter.  Words shape how we view and feel about things.  How we describe sexually deviant behaviors can have a big impact on how society views that behavior.  Incest seems to be the latest sexual perversion that is vying for public acceptance.  Social scientists are not calling it incest, but rather “genetic sexual attraction.”  The similarity this has to “same-sex attraction” is obvious, and I would argue that this similarity is intentional, and political.  It’s clearly not an accurate description.  “Same-sex attraction” is an accurate, scientific description because these people are attracted to members of the same sex as themselves.  The same cannot be said of “genetic sexual attraction.”  One is not literally sexually attracted to someone’s genetic material.  They are sexually attracted to a close family member (parent, sibling).

The American public has largely come to view “same-sex attraction” as morally benign.  By describing incestual attraction with similar wording, the hope is that the public will come to accept incest as morally benign as well.  Many Americans falsely believe that “same-sex attraction” is biologically determined (which is why, in large part, they have come to accept homosex), and are likely to reason that similarly worded “genetic sexual attraction” must mean that incestual attraction is biologically determined as well (and thus should be accepted by the public).  If gay people can’t help their desires, then neither can the incestuous.  It’s all in their biology.

The train of the sexual revolution is not stopping any time soon.  It began with the push to normalize pre-marital sex between men and women (including cohabitation), and then engaged in a long battle to normalize homosexuality.  Once that was accomplished, the train quickly moved on to transgenderism with amazing success, and started gaining momentum toward the acceptance of polygamy.  Now, it’s trying to normalize incest.  The train of the sexual revolution will not stop until there are no moral restraints in the area of sex whatsoever.  Sexual libertarianism will not accept any restraints on sexual autonomy.  Sex with whoever we want, whenever we want, and without social judgment is the goal.  Whether the train arrives at its station depends on people with moral sensibilities to stand up and proclaim the truth about human sexuality.