Curt SchillingESPN fired commentator Curt Schilling because he posted a meme to his Facebook page that was critical of transgender people using the bathroom of their choice.  A short statement was issued by ESPN that read in part: “ESPN is an inclusive company. Curt Schilling has been advised that his conduct was unacceptable and his employment with ESPN has been terminated.”

ESPN says they are an “inclusive company.” Hogwash. They are an exclusive company using word manipulation to make people think they are something they are not.  An inclusive company is one that hires those who affirm the normality of transgenderism and those who don’t.  An exclusive company is one that fires any of their employees who do not share the company’s view on transgenderism.

ESPN, and companies like them who fire employees for things they say or do on their own private time, believe that people who disagree with their leadership’s moral values should not have a job.  Shameful.  It would be different if Schilling worked for an organization whose mission was to further LGBT rights, but he works for a sports news network for heaven’s sake!  His Facebook post had nothing to do with the business of his employer.  Does anyone really think that every person who works for a company whose leadership supports LGBT rights personally supports LGBT rights too?  Of course not.  This sort of corporate behavior is not just an example of intolerance and hypocrisy, but an example of corporate bullying as well.  Absolutely shameful.

Are pro-LGBT people going to be upset that a public face like Schilling doesn’t agree with their views?  Of course.  But they need to grow up and extend tolerance, not put pressure on his employer to fire him.  And ESPN should have the backbone to say to those who do not like Schillings views, “You know what, we don’t agree with him either, but his views on transgender people’s use of bathrooms is unrelated to his job and our mission, and we support his right to free speech, so he will remain an employee of ESNP.  If you don’t like that, grow up!”  Of course, this is why I am not in corporate communications!