I’ve been doing a lot of teaching and trying to buy a house.  Obviously, by the dates on my last blog posts, it has prohibited me from doing a lot of blogging.  Here’s some of the major stories from the past month or so that I found disturbing:

  • Christian pharmacists in Washington would not fill abortifacient prescriptions, but referred clients to another pharmacy. The governor of Washington demanded that the Washington State Board of Pharmacy issue regulations requiring pharmacists to dispense these drugs. The Stormans own a small pharmacy, and would not comply, so they were sued.  The 9th district court sided with the state, and SCOTUS refused to hear the appeal.  So Christian pharmacists are now no longer able to appeal to religious moral conscience.
  • A private Christian university, Trinity Western University, was denied accreditation because their code of conduct forbids sexual intimacy “that violates the sacredness of marriage between a man and a woman.” This was interpreted to be anti-LGBT, and the basis for the denial. The appeals court in Ontario (Ontario’s top court) said their requirements hurts the LGBT community.
  • Canadian Anglicans approve same-sex marriage by a single vote.
  • A transgender woman uses Target’s “use whatever bathroom you want” policy to take pictures of women in the toilets – something the Left told us would never happen and it was just the grand delusion of us bigots on the Right.
  • The Iowa Civil Rights Commission is telling churches that the state’s protections for sexual orientation and gender identity means they cannot preach in such a way that would offend people of different sexual orientations and gender identities, essentially censoring preaching and infringing on religious liberty and free speech. Additionally, it would require that church bathrooms be de-sexed. The Commission later revised their statement to say this is only required in the context of non-religious public activities in the church.  Not helpful.
  • The Western district of the United Methodist Church elected an openly gay female bishop, despite their denomination’s ban on doing so.