hezekiah-toiletArchaeologists have uncovered what they believe to be a toilet in a pagan shrine in Lachish. We know the practice of installing a toilet to desecrate a shrine was practiced from an account of King Jehu doing so in 2 Kings 10:27. The toilet in question, however, dates to the time of Hezekiah. While there is no Biblical record of Hezekiah doing the same, 2 Kings 18:4 tells us that he destroyed pagan sacred places. It would not be unexpected that he also desecrated pagan sacred sites by installing toilets. Tests indicate the toilet in question was never used, and just had a symbolic purpose.

Assuming the interpretation of this archaeological discovery is well-evidenced, once again we find an obscure and insignificant Biblical detail confirmed by archaeology, strengthening further the historical reliability of the Biblical record.

The archaeologists even found arrowheads that were most likely used in the battle between Sennacherib and Judah in 701 B.C. that destroyed Lachish. Amazing!