Government’s primary purpose is to protect our natural rights. The right to life is the most important right because all other rights depend on it. Any candidate/party who uses their political power to allow some mothers to legally murder their own children in utero is not fit for public office and should never receive our vote. As a form of murder, abortion is the greatest injustice possible, and to vote for a candidate/party who has told you in advance that they will use their political power to ensure that this injustice continues and expands, is morally unconscionable.

For those of you who say you are personally opposed to abortion but think it should be legal, think with me for a bit.  Why is it that you think abortion is wrong and would never obtain one yourself?  Presumably it’s because you think abortion is an act of murder against an innocent and defenseless human being.  So why would you think that it should be legal for someone to choose to murder an innocent and defenseless human being?  That’s like saying, “I personally think rape is wrong, but I don’t think it should be illegal.  The government doesn’t have the right to make that choice for men.”  Or, “I personally think killing toddlers is wrong.  I know I would never kill my toddler, but I don’t think the government has the right to tell other mothers what they can and cannot choose.”  Arguing this way would be ludicrous, so what’s different about abortion?  Nothing, other than the location and size of the human being, which features are morally irrelevant to its identity and value.

Here’s why the government must make abortion illegal: All human beings have a natural right to life. The government’s job is to protect that right, which is why they do not allow citizens to choose to murder other people. If all human beings have the right to life and the government is obligated to protect that right for all humans, then to determine whether abortion is morally wrong and should be illegal, we just need to determine if the unborn are just as human as the born.  If they are not human beings – but just part of a woman’s body like her appendix or liver – then I would agree that the government should not be making these decisions for women.  On the other hand, if the unborn are just as human as we are then they have the same right to life that we do, and that right must be protected by the government in the same way the government protects that right for us.  So what are the unborn?  That’s the issue.

The science is clear on the matter: the unborn are not part of their mother’s bodies, but are whole, distinct human beings from the very moment of conception. They have their own unique human DNA separate from the mother’s, and have all they need from the one-cell stage to develop themselves into a mature adult.  The unborn only differ from us in their size, location, and level of development, but none of these differences carry moral significance.  Where you are doesn’t determine what you are, and your size doesn’t determine your value.  It’s true that they don’t look like us in their earliest stages of development, but they look exactly like humans are supposed to look at that stage of development, and exactly like we did when we were their age.

Since science proves that the unborn are just as human as you and I, they have the same right to life and the government has the same responsibility to protect that right.  That’s why the government must outlaw abortion.  A woman should no more be allowed to make the choice to murder her unborn child than she should be allowed to make the choice to kill her 1 year old child.  There is simply no biological or moral difference between the human in the womb and the human outside of the womb.  And since the government’s fundamental responsibility is to protect our fundamental rights, any government that uses their power to allow this form of murder is an immoral government, and should not receive the vote of Christians.