The resurrection of Jesus is central to the Christian faith, but why does it matter?  Why think of it as just another of many miraculous/supernatural events?  Why not see it as a mere historical oddity?  Why does it matter so much to Christianity?  What is the significance of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead?

Here are just a few reasons it is significant:

  1. It vindicated Jesus’ claims regarding His personal identity and mission (Rom 1:4)
    •  Jesus:
      • Spoke on God’s behalf, putting his own words on same level as Torah
      • Said it would be on the basis of one’s acceptance of His words whether or not they would be saved
      • Claimed to forgive sins
      • Claimed to be God
      • Claimed to be judge of mankind
    • By having God raise the very man who was put to death for blaspheming that God shows that God’s view of Christ was radically different than His executioners’ view.
    • The resurrection was God’s vindication of Christ’s message, ministry, and personal claims. It shows He was not preaching deception
  2. It reverses Adam’s punishment for sin (1 Cor 15:20-21)
    • Death will not be the ultimate victor. The effects of our sin will be undone.
    • Death was introduced by sin. Resurrection is the reversal of death.
  3. Jesus defeated death for all mankind, so that we too can experience resurrection (1 Cor 15:20-23)
    • Jesus’ resurrection serves as the beginning of the resurrection of all the dead who trust in God.
    • Our resurrection is guaranteed by Jesus’ resurrection.

Thank God for the Easter event!