There are differences of opinion regarding whether it is moral or beneficial for transgender people to undergo gender reassignment surgery. Regardless of where you land in that debate, everyone should be able to agree that it is unfair to allow “transgender women” (biological men who identify as women) to compete in women’s sports.

This is not about equality, but fairness. Biological males have clear physical advantages over biological females, guaranteeing that transgender women will beat all or most biological women in sports. That is why we have always separated sports by sex. Allowing transgender women to compete in women’s sports is not fair to biological women. They practice and train for years to be the best among women, only to be beaten by a biological male.

Biological women should not be defrauded of their chance to win at their sport simply because a man who thinks he is (or should be) a woman wants to compete alongside them. We should not ignore the desires of millions of biological women to satisfy the desires of a small number of transgender women (nor their safety, as we’ve seen biological women hurt badly by transgender women). This is about more than medals. Scholarships are on the line. This is about girls’ futures. If you believe in fairness, then join me in opposing transgender women competing in female sports. If this is allowed, it will effectively be the end of women’s sports.