If you haven’t heard of the story regarding the dad jailed for calling his trans-son “daughter” and using female pronouns, you need to. He was arrested for “family violence.” While this happened in Canada, given the trajectory in the U.S., it won’t be long before this kind of thing happens here as well. Indeed, we are on the precipice of this happening here already.

We need to stand up against this kind of despotic government activity that seeks to control speech as well as oppose the drugging and mutilation of physically healthy children. Given the fact that ~67% gender-confused teens come to accept their biological sex/gender by the time they finish puberty (major studies show a rate of 60-90%), allowing them to make life-altering decisions that will forever affect their reproductive future – when they do not have the maturity to do so – is asinine, and should be opposed by all sane people. Even if you think hormonal treatment and surgery is a good and proper treatment for gender dysphoria, allowing minors to choose such a treatment during the most confusing period of human life is the height of foolishness. Even those who undergo the transition as adults often come to deeply regret it. How much more young teens who can’t tell their right hand from their left when it comes to matters of personal identity and sexuality? We don’t consider minors mature enough to drink alcohol, but we consider them mature enough to “change” their sex/gender and understand the long-term ramifications of that decision? Please!

It’s time for the sane people of this country to stand up to this immoral social agenda being foisted on us by the Left. Or, we can stay silent and just hope we won’t be the next ones to be jailed.