Euphemisms can be helpful. They allow us to talk about difficult topics in a sensitive way. They lessen the emotional impact. That’s why we have euphemisms for sex, excretions, and death.

However, sometimes, euphemisms are created to deceive. They are meant to make something that is evil sound good. They are distortions of language. The Nazis were masters at this. “Special treatment” meant execution. The “final solution” meant killing all Jewish people.

The pro-abortion crowd uses a ton of deceptive euphemisms: terminating a pregnancy, a woman’s right to choose, reproductive rights, women’s health care, pro-choice, etc. These terms are meant to hide what abortion really is: the murder of a nascent human being.

“Euthanasia” and “assisted suicide” are euphemisms for murdering adult human beings. And yes, self-murder is still murder.

“Undocumented immigrant” is a euphemism for those who enter a country illegally.

Don’t allow people to use deceptive euphemisms. Always translate those euphemisms for them. When they say, “I believe in a woman’s right to choose,” respond, “So you believe a woman has the right to murder her own child for the sake of convenience?” If they object, ask them where you have mischaracterized their view. Of course they don’t want to call it murder, but if the unborn are full members of the human species and their life is being taken without sufficient justification, then abortion is an act of murder.

What other euphemisms can you think of that are meant to deceive?