Belief in God has dropped to 81%, according to Gallup. This is down 6% from 2017, 9% from 2011, and 17% from 1953. Given the accelerated secularization of our society, this is not surprising.

What I find most interesting is who stopped believing in God. Atheism has claimed:

  • More than twice as many women as men (7% drop vs. 3%)
  • The unmarried (8% drop for the unmarried vs. 1% for the married)
  • The young (10% drop for 18-29 year olds vs. 5% for 30-64)
  • Democrats (12% drop vs. 3% for Republicans and Independents)

The last bullet is of particular interest to me. Atheists clearly favor the Democratic Party. Whether holding to Democratic Party ideals leads to atheism or whether atheism leads to favoring Democratic Party ideals, there is a clear correlation between the two. This is not surprising. The Democratic Party platform may not be officially atheistic, but many of their policy positions are opposed to religious values. As such, Democrats create and/or attract irreligious people.