I have started a new podcast series on the Biblical teaching regarding divorce and remarriage. This was an intensive research project for me that I am finally ready to share. I have already posted a 1-N-Done episode on the topic which summarizes my conclusions. This will be followed by a long series of episodes where I will explore the topic in much more detail. Once I have finished the series, I will publish my research paper as well.

In my experience, few pastors are willing to address this issue from the pulpit because (1) they aren’t certain what the Bible teaches on the matter or (2) because they are afraid it will negatively impact too many people in their congregation. I understand those concerns, but God’s people need to hear what God’s Word has to say on this important and culturally relevant topic. Give it a listen and share it with your friends and family.

You can listen wherever you get your podcasts from, or at https://thinkingtobelieve.buzzsprout.com.