May 2010

What is the universe?  Is the universe just a nominal device to refer to the sum of all physical things, similar to the way “team” does not refer to an actual thing but merely to the sum of all players, or does “universe” refer to something above and beyond the sum of all physical things?

In 2003 the Episcopal Church consecrated the first openly gay bishop, Gene Robinson.  Now, they’ve consecrated an openly lesbian, Mary Glasspool, as an assistant bishop for the Los Angeles diocese.

BTW, I know I’ve been pretty inactive lately.  I’ve been busy studying out a topic I plan to blog on soon.

Some scary news on the cultural front.  A Baptist preacher was arrested in the UK for telling a woman homosexuality was a sin.  He is charged with abusive and insulting language.  It won’t be long before this will be commonplace, me thinks.  Scary!